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The research department in Wireless Instruments company designs and manufacture custom antennas for the special orders (OEM antenna manufacturing / ODM / Contract Antenna Manufacturing). We have the professional design software and the measurement system.

Our R&D Team design antennas for various telecommunication systems, operating at the various frequencies (400 MHz up to 18 GHz) and for different applications, i.a.:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • WLAN bridges

  • CCTV

  • Security Systems

We are also able to prepare special antenna systems, e.g. few antennas in one WiBOX (dual band sector MIMO antenna 2,4 / 5 GHz – it’s made by using 2 MIMO 2x2 sector antennas or 4 separate sector antennas).

4 in ONE: For the comfortable and smart antenna system which can save space on the mast or another difficult place where is needed to have only one antenna system (e.g. because of the mast fee).

Especially for that, we are able to design and fit up to 4 different antennas in one WiBOX to meet your expectations.

  • Great support and many options in customization
    There is a possibility to support our OEM customer in their own systems designing. Our systems can be customized to many radio and wired applications, to provide the customer with a solution that will fit exactly to desired needs.
  • Top quality and measure reports
    We guarantee the best quality in mechanical and electrical aspects. We use the best materials to manufacture antenna boxes and antenna PCBs. In addition we provide with the real radiation patterns of every of our antennas.
  • Low minimum order required short lead time
    We are able to design and manufacture almost every requested antenna quantity. We keep a high stock level of the WiBOX enclosures and another boxes for antennas, so we are able to manufacture antennas in relative short time.
  • Wide frequency spectrum of our antennas
    Wireless Instruments is able to design and manufacture antennas working in the frequencies from 400MHz up to 18GHz. The big used RF material number and many techniques allows us to create antenna systems desired to specific applications.
  • Big diversity of antenna systems configurations
    Due to our designing experience and users interest in special antennas, we are able to provide our customers with multiple products, with the polarizations as SISO, MIMO 2x2, MIMO 3x3, MIMO 4x4, MIMO 6x6, MIMO 8x8, X-Pol, cross, circular and for the aerial systems working in multi-band.
  • Base antennas (BTS antennas)
    Wireless Instruments offers the full range of base station antennas, like sector or omnidirectional for customs frequencies. We offer also special antenna systems customized for individual needs like for example few antennas in one WiBOX or another outdoor/indoor case.
  • CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)
    Professional installations requires special customized client stations or another last mile systems, with the full diversity of system aligning and special antennas. Our WiBOX solution can be modified and configured according to almost every project and can house any radio equipment inside the radio compartment.
  • Wireless Bridges and Repeaters
    Wireless Instruments has great experience in antennas desired for a network backbone for point-to-point connections or repeaters. This type of antennas requires precision and high-end parameters to utilize complete performances of radio systems. These aerials are realized in few systems, like MIMO or X-pol MIMO to work in very noisy enviroments.
  • Special new antenna designs for OEM
    Wireless Instruments is able to design antennas for a frequency band and other parameters given by the customer, if phisically possible. We can provide the customers with antenna PCBs or complete aerial systems design on any RF material and with any connector. Wireless Instruments RF engineers support and guide customers during planning and designing process.
  • Special mounting systems
    Different applications and installation places requires special mounting systems. There are places exposed on strong wind or another bad climate conditions that require customized mounting systems, designed for these conditions. We can provide also with budget mounting systems required for some client mass production.
  • Customer’s logo on the antenna front cover
    Wireless Instruments can manufacture OEM WiBOXes with customer’s logo located on the front shield of the WiBOX system, or if requested, we can manufacture antenna boxes without any logo on the front. This option is enable for volume OEM orders.
  • Special antenna set inside the enclosure
    Due to multiple applications which can be requested from one antenna system, WiBOX enclosure series can house any antenna set inside (few antennas inside one case). This is the main function of WiBOX solution, it’s system integration (for example multi-band antennas like 2,4; 3,5 and 5GHz in one enclosure). This option is limited by available installation space. Our engineers support customers to find the most applicable solutions for any special requests.
  • WiBOX shielding
    For special installation where the additional shielding for radio equipment is required, WiBOX system can be equipped with special metal back shielding which shields the radio equipment and reduces back radiation of the antenna. It’s very usable in instalations where there is a lot of antennas installed on one place (e.g. on the mast).
  • Special colours
    WiBOX system can be manufactured in few colours if it’s requested by the project. In some special instalations where antenna can’t be seen or because of some aesthetic reasons, customers wants us to manufacture WiBOX systems in the colour different from the standard colour (white). This option is enable for volume OEM orders.
Poniedziałek, 8 maja 2023

Wireless Instruments is excited to introduce our new line of outdoor antennas, operating within the impressive wide band frequency range of 600MHz to 6000MHz.

Poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2023

Wireless Instruments proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.