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How to connect antennas of WiBOX SA D4M5-90-17HVX, WiBOX PA D4M5-20HVX and WiBOX PA D4M6-20HVX in MIMO 3x3 and MIMO 4x4 configurations
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The standard of 802.11n offers the connection in MIMO technology. There is a possibility to use 1-4 polarizations in that standard. These days the most popular are 2x2 connections using Horizontal and Vertical polarizations. For more than 2 antennas to separate radio streams there are needed more polarization options. We achieve them by the rotation of antennas achieving X polarity, so simply speaking means +45 and -45 deg polarity (with relation to V or H polarity).

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What gives us MIMO X-polarity system ?
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At the beginning it’s important to determine the definition of X-polarity. In our case X-polarity is slant +/- 45 deg polarization, so simply speaking means MIMO antenna rotated of 45 deg. This technique is used for example in 3x3 and 4x4 antennas in 802.11n standard or in more complex standards as 802.11ac.

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Piątek, 8 stycznia 2021

We are excited to announce, we have established a new brand for dedicated wifi antennas-QuSignal. It was created to make sure you can always find the right antenna for Cisco, Aruba, Extreme and many other access points. 

Czwartek, 4 czerwca 2020

Wireless Instruments is pleased to introduce new multi band 5G QuPanel antennas family MIMO 4x4 and MIMO 2x2 for bands up to 3800 MHz. Antennas are presented on our second brand website - QuWireless: https://quwireless.com/