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When to use omni-directional antenna?

Friday, 23th September 2022

Every antenna has a specific use case. To answer the question „when to use omni-directional antenna?” we need to take a closer look at what it actually is.

Omni-directional antenna (Omni antenna)

Type of antenna which receives or transmits signals in all directions along one plane with equal strength. Thank to that you can receive signals from whenever you are in a particular area. Omni antennas are compatible with a variety of cellular base stations. Mobile or LTE routers are able to roam around various cells, but it has its price. The more stations involved, the less concentrated the connection. It is easy to install and position changing is not required when when the network changes (e.g. station has been closed or damaged). As it is radiating in every direction in one plane, it is useful in covering particular area with lots of users whose locations are not fixed (e.g. many mobile phones).

Figure 1. Omnidirectional antenna radiation pattern


Figure 2. Artistic vision of QuSpot omnidirectional antenna radiation

Conclusion: „When to use omni-directional antenna?”

As we have already read about how an omni-directional antenna works and what parameters are worth considering, we can now answer the main question „When to use omni-directional antenna?” and give some usage examples.

Omni-directional antennas are highly recommended in:

  • urban areas, where access to cellular base stations is almost unlimited,

  • places where your mobile or LTE router is not in a fixed place,

  • cases when you don’t have to receive a signal from one particular, distant station

Here are some examples to bring you closer to places where they can be used:

  • cars / campervans,

  • yachts / boats,

  • agricultural devices,

  • solar power farms,

  • CCTV and cameras,

  • autonomous delivery robots,

  • seaports,

  • public transport,

  • live streaming events,

  • construction machines

Monday, 8th May 2023

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