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  • Do you ship worldwide ?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. You will get Your stuff in any place of the globe. We are located in Poland in the United Europe.

  • How can I order ?

    You can do it easily by sending Your purchase order to the e-mail of or by the contact form from the website, our Sales Team stuff will carry your order out.

  • What payment methods are acceptable ?

    We accept the payments by the wire transfers only. The prices are available in USD and EUR.

  • I need the antenna system for the specific applications, can I depute to create the special system including in the WiBOX ?

    Yes, You can configure the system as You wish, we are able to make any customization for You. The possibilities are limited by the dimensions of our WiBOX systems. For the details please contact with our Sales Team

  • How to get the price for exact product ?

    Please send the inquiry to our Sales Team, or use the „INQUIRY” button located by the product specifications.

  • Is there a possibility to have more antennas in one WiBOX ?

    Yes, for the special requests we can install more antennas in one WiBOX system, depending on the box capacity. With our system You can configure the antenna which You desire. For the details please contact with our Sales Team

  • Is there WiMount bracket enough solid to carry antennas ? Why fiberglass bracket is better than a standard steel holder ?

    The fiberglass products are more solid than steel made holders and You won´t have the holder rusted. Our WiMount bracket is very solid and massive solution tested in very extreme outdoor conditions. That´s the best choice for You.

  • Can I install my radio stuff inside the WiBOX series ?

    Yes, our WiBOX systems are designed to work also with many popular systems. The installation space is enough to house almost every of popular Access Points inside. There is 3 different WiBOXes (3 different sizes). The installation spaces are:

    • WiBOX Medium - 22,8 x 22,8 x 5,2 cm
    • WiBOX Large - 34,8 x 34,8 x 5,2 cm
    • WiBOX Extra Large - 24,8 x 43,8 x 6,2 cm

    Every WiBOX system comes with the kit of mounting accessories like mounting pads that ease You to install any radio stuff inside.

  • What are the main advantages for installators which make WiBOX system better than other systems ?

    What would You get in WiBOX system:

    • Discretion of arrangement radio systems in the WiBOX cases - Big radio compartment
    • The highest quality and ideal matching of elements, which can reduce stressful installation time
    • Certainty of Your stuff safety, the WiBOX system is completely waterproof IP67 system
    • Rigid WiMount mounting system ensures that Your radio stuff won´t be moved by the weather conditions like wind
    • Prestige around standard shape antennas - WiBOX system is very aesthetic solution
    • Facility of installation, attaching WiBOX is very easy
    • For more information about all our facilities please click here
  • Wireless Instruments Antenna names glossary

    We have created the antenna name rules especially for You to describe main antenna features in the antenna symbol. Detailed rules of the Wireless Instruments antenna names you can find here.

  • I didn´t find the antenna which I desire for my radio stuff.

    Our website enables to search antennas by the parameters or by the radio device,

    If there is not Your radio device listed, please contact with our Sales Team, our consultants will check what solution You need and will advice the best solution for You.

  • Will antenna fit to my device ?

    Please use the our searcher and try to search on "Radio search". There You can choose the radio device and the website will show antennas suitable for this device. If there isn´t Your device there, please contact with us on or call us +48 693 953 666.


Monday, 8th May 2023

Wireless Instruments is excited to introduce our new line of outdoor antennas, operating within the impressive wide band frequency range of 600MHz to 6000MHz.

Monday, 13th February 2023

Wireless Instruments proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.