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Can You imagine link over 300 Mbps with RouterBoard and MIMO 2x2 antenna ?

Can You imagine link over 300 Mbps with RouterBoard and MIMO 2x2 antenna ?
Client stories
January 16th, 2014

One of our local Customers was looking for an efficient radio link for a short distance of 520m. We offered him our new MIMO 2x2 antennas of WIBOX PA M5-20HV. The Customer installed RouterBoards 800 with R52nM in the antenna boxes

Then sent the test results to us. It was hard to believe that transfer of over than 300 Mbps is possible in 802.11n MIMO 2x2. Our boss told to him:

„Mate, how is it possible ? Damn, how did you do it ?”

The response was:

It’s 100% truth and it’s not strange, because due to additional payable upgrade in MT ROS software (Custom frequency select), we got new abilities, which enhance the standard of 802.11n. We combine it with the channel bonding function, efficient mainboard, your WiBOX antennas and got that result. We achieved stable connection with the signal level of -58dBm on the default output power settings of the radio interface at the frequency of 5440MHz

Details provided by the Customer:

  1. Link distance and location:
    The test was performed between church tower in Zerniki Wrocławskie, where the first station was installed and the customer’s destination, the distance was around 520m. On the test there was ideal LOS without any terrain obstacles (free Fresnel zone).
  2. Link parameters:
    • frequency 5440 MHz
    • Output radio interface power: default
    • The signal strenght received on the both stations: -58dBm
    • the connection of MIMO 2x2, basing on the standard of 802.11n, enhanced by channel bonding. There is necessary to buy the MikroTik licence upgrade of „Custom frequency select”.
  3. Installation hardware:
  4. Achieved results
    As there are shown the results (Pic 2 and 3) of momentary throughput Tx on the Point A – 320Mbps (over than 26k packets/s) and Rx of 2,3kbps. The test shows half-duplex link type.

We took it up and in fact, our customer was right, but how is it possible that almost noone knows that MikroTik, which some time ago cancelled the extra-payable function of „extra channels” (now available in the standard licence version), and „on the quiet” gave a new option which enables these possibilities ? It’s possible in the MikroTik RouterOS of 6.x version (the customer used the version of v6.0rc13) and only with the radio interfaces with a specific Atheros chipsets, which give such the ability, for example Atheros of AR9220 (R52nM) works perfectly. These info encouraged us to perform some tests within comming 14 days. We plan to perform tests on the longer distances with our new MIMO 2x2 PTFE laminate 24 dBi panel antennas of WIBOX PA M6-24HV antennas (It’s the antenna operating at 5,66,5 GHz with 24 dBi, integrated with WiBOX Large box version), and then compare them with the standard settings with the same hardware and take look on the frequency spectrum (by the spectrum analyzer), how does the real operating spectrum look (channel width).

Persons interested in the test configuration details etc. are asked to contact with us on We would like to thank to IQcenter company, which share these details with us, and also to the company of iWave Group, which provided IQcenter with the active hardware.

Monday, 8th May 2023

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Monday, 13th February 2023

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