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Obudowy seri WiBOX

Wireless Instruments basing on longstanding experience in the IT branch, has created the box integrated with antennas series, to satisfy WISP’s most popular requirements. The antenna systems were designed to maximise their functionality, simultaneously not decreasing an aesthetic design and most of all an ergonomics, which is our goal.

The main design point of WiBOX series was the combination of an attractive design and ergonomics. Furthermore there was a market research, where the antenna fitters were asked for the best and unique features which they would like to see in new products and make them better then the competitor’s boxes with antennas. As the result of the research and our own experience, there was designed WiBOX series.

WiBOX products are featured by
  • Convenient installation compartment, inside the box, with bigger dimensions than in the standard offered boxes.
  • Unique WiMount bracket made from fiberglass. It’s more durable and stable in comparison with standard steel angle-iron bracket. WiMount bracket enables mast mounting as well as the installation directly to the wall.
  • Box systems have also additional holes shielded aside by additional cover protecting connectors (installed on holes) against water streaming on the BOX.
  • BOXes are equipped with waterproof RJ45 systems (feedthru optionally) which enables for assembling in comfortable conditions, and then installation on the mast or in the place where the stress-free electronic stuff installation is limited.
  • Boxes waterproofing is guaranteed by a special designed seal and waterproof RJ45 outdoor systems and feed-through items. Additional connectors (option) are from the bottom of the case.
  • Materials used for building boxes are resistant against UV light and insensitive for bad weather conditions.
  • Boxes of different sizes enable for the full range of WISP applications.
  • The antennas installed In WiBOX series can operate in any climatic zone.
  • Any box from WiBOX medium, large and extra large series have visible polarization indication. Thanks to this indication there is no need to unbolt the box to determine the antenna polarization.
  • Antennas come with a level installed in the back to enable the fitter to mount the box at level (it concerns mostly to the wall-mount installations, in some reasoned cases for the adjustment of the mast).
  • Every of the WiBOX series box have DC ground (for electronic stuff) performed inside the case.
  • Metal inserts installed in the boxes enable for repeated assembling and disassembling the system, not causing any changes in the material structure.
  • WiBOX series were designed to give ability to assemble and reassemble the box system using one screwdriver (for a case) and one allen key (added to the antenna) for the WiMount bracket system.
  • Thanks to the set of mounting pads, the installation of an electronic equipment inside the box compartment is easy and enables to fulfill any fitter mounting conception. The installation pads are predicted to be mount on the high quality double-sided tape, which is resistant against the temperature changes. Thanks to this feature the boxes is possible in any climatic conditions.
  • The special texture on the front shield ensures to miss the icing and snow covering effects, which can cause invalid antenna operation (attenuation).
  • There is a possibility to create special box antenna systems for custom orders, it’s for particular applications for demanding customers.
  • The back part has an anti-loss system for the screws (they can’t fall out from the box holes), thanks to this feature there is no oppressive and stressful situations during the installations in hard accessible places.
Poniedziałek, 8 maja 2023

Wireless Instruments is excited to introduce our new line of outdoor antennas, operating within the impressive wide band frequency range of 600MHz to 6000MHz.

Poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2023

Wireless Instruments proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.