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Wireless Instruments antenna names glossary

Wireless Instruments sp. z o.o. company would like to clear the way of creating the antenna names for its customers to make the choice easier. Antennas are installed with different BOXes, depending on its sizes. In each specification is clearly explained which of the WiBOX enclosures is used to installed antennas inside. NOTE: This instruction concerns WiBOX systems only.

First of all we want to inform that we have four different WiBOX enclosures:

WiBOX Mini, WiBOX Medium, WiBOX Large, WiBOX Extra Large


Antenna type

PA - panel antenna
SA - sector antenna
OD - omnidirectional antenna


Frequency operating

09 - 900MHz
24 - 2,4 GHz
36 - 3,6 GHz
5 - 5,0-5,95 GHz
6 - 5,5-6,5 GHz


Radiation angle (Beamwidth)

In case of the sectors only, we mark a horizontal beamwidth, eg. 120 Deg – 120, 90 Deg – 90 (for sector antennas).


Antenna Gain

We write the value of gain next to the frequency indicator or the beamwidth (in sector case), eg. 14dBi – 14.



We used to provide the info about the polarization in two cases, one is when antenna operates in only one polarization (horizontal sector, vertical omni etc.) or when we consider dual polarity antennas (or triple polarity).

H - Horizontal
V - Vertical
HV - dual polarity (in case of the MIMO antennas we add also M indicator before the frequency factor)



In case of the MIMO antennas we add also M indicator before the frequency factor.

Thursday, 8th March 2018

Complete new IP67/NEMA6 waterproof enclosure announcement. 

The first sample of the new small enclosure. It performs the IP67 full waterproof feature. The interior is predicted to mount an electronic PCB inside.


Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Wireless Intruments Ltd has a pleasure to announce special Mimosa dedicated antenna series. The special offer is addressed to two Mimosa Access Points: A5C and C5C. We got the official recommendation from MIMOSA technical team !