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PTP/client antenna
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WiPanel M5-24X - Metal

WiPanel PA M5-24X - Metal is an innovative PTFE microstrip dual slant polarity (MIMO 2x2) planar antenna operating at the frequency range of 5,1 – 5,95 GHz with 24 dBi gain in both polarizations. It is desired for Point-to-Point (PTP), bridge and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) connections as a client antenna where the high-gained antennas are required. The reduced side-lobes level makes a gain more focused into the front direction than the standard antennas. WiPanel PA M5-24X - Metal provides with the possibility to integrate the antenna system with radio electronic housed inside a metal box. The system is equipped with high quality waterproof RJ45 connector enabling for the PoE standard application without a stressful crimping of the RJ45 connector on the installation location (e.g. on the roof or a high mast). WiPanel PA M5-24X - Metal is made from the durable plastic material resistant against the UV radiation and bad weather conditions. It comes with 2 x MMCX inbuilt connector.

MIMO 2x2
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Electrical specification
5.1 - 5.95 GHz
24 dBi
<1.80, max < 2.00
> 30 dB
Separation between Connectors
> 40 dB
50 Ω
Max Input Power
50 W
Lighting Protection
DC Ground
Mechanic specification
Outer dimensions
392 x 396 x 9.5 cm
154.33 x 155.91 x 3.74 inch
RJ45 & 2xMMCX
3.2 kg
Operating temperature
from -40 + 70°C to °C
from -40°F to 32°F
Mounting Kit
9 x 12 x 15 cm
3.54 x 4.72 x 5.91 inch
Regulation Range
0 kg
Mast Dimensions Range
stainless steel
  • WLAN - 5 GHz
  • WiMAX - 5 GHz
  • RFiD - 5725 - 5875 MHz
  • ISM - 5725-5875 MHz
  • PtP connections
  • PtM Connections
port 1, azimuthport 1, elev.port 2, azimuthport 2, elev
Solid WiBOX for any outdoor conditions

Every WiBOX systems are predicted to use outdoor, they are made of UV resistant ABS plastic material, which is also resistant for bad weather conditions like rain, snow, humidity. Special designed sealing systems guarantees IP67 waterproof level. WiBOX systems can work in any weather conditions, temperature range is from -40°C up to 80°C.

Wall or pole mast mounting

Comprehensiveness of WiBOX system installation, WiBOX system can be installed using WiMount mounting system on a pole mast or a wall.

Made for Mikrotik®

This product was qualified for Made For MikroTik programm, which signify the products MikroTik products friendly. There are the products of antennas with cases compatible with MikroTik Routerboards and other stuff which is predicted to work with MT products. The reason because this product got this sign is a big installation compartment, which gives possibility to install even every electronic stuff available on the market, which makes it possible the most usable and compatible product on the market.

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