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Introducing QuSignal

Friday, 8th January 2021
Introducing QuSignal

We are excited to announce, we have established a new brand for dedicated wifi antennas-QuSignal. It was created to make sure you can always find the right antenna for Cisco, Aruba, Extreme and many other access points. 

We are excited to announce, we have established a new QuSignal brand. At we strive to provide dedicated antennas for well-known brands’ access points, like Cisco, Aruba, Extreme and many others. Here you can find a wide selection of sector and omni-directional antennas, coming in six different shapes and sizes. We offer single and dual-band MIMO 4x4, MIMO 3x3 and MIMO 2x2 antennas with gain from 7dBi up to 19 dBi and beamwidth from 20 up to 120 degrees. At QuSignal we understand sometimes looks matters, and that’s why we made sure all antennas are exceptionally aesthetic, and therefore can be used in any public place.

What’s more, thanks to our smart search tool, finding yourself a suitable antenna was never so easy! Go to QuSignal

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Monday, 8th May 2023

Wireless Instruments is excited to introduce our new line of outdoor antennas, operating within the impressive wide band frequency range of 600MHz to 6000MHz.

Monday, 13th February 2023

Wireless Instruments proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.